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Providing Owners, Architects and Engineers with state-of-the-art Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) services. Located in Minneapolis, MN.

What We Offer:

Accurate Drafting Services will utilize their experience with CAD and knowledge of the construction industry to prepare working drawings and blueprints from ideas, rough sketches or specifications. We are completely familiar with CAD procedures and engineering techniques and can provide digital design data in 3 dimensional models or 2 dimensional documentation.

We offer outsourced drafting and design services, as well as staffing for your short or long-term project needs. Whether you are outsourcing a single piece or the entire pre-production process, our team of design professionals is available to help you...from concept to completion

Our fine reputation has been gained by the quality services we offer to our clients. As professionals offering high technology for today's environment, we invite you to contact us at 952-292-8794 for further information or a consultation.

Better, Faster, Cheaper:

More than ever before, your customers demand that you deliver more products, more quickly, at a lower cost. That is why companies like yours are turning to Accurate Drafting Services. Offloading the design and drafting phases gives our clients an advantage over the competition; it allows them to increase their productivity, improve time-to-market and increase margins. It allows them to focus on the core areas of their business.

A new project is delivered and you don’t have the resources to get it done. The hunt begins. Finding a qualified drafting professional can take weeks or months, then there is training and finally the work can start.

What happens when the job is completed? Is there another project for that employee to begin? Do you carry the extra headcount, bearing the financial burden between projects so that you don’t let valuable talent slip away? Or worse, do you spend time and money training and equipping your engineering staff only to see them leave when you need them the most?

When you consider the costs of employment (annual salary, vacation, healthcare, social security, etc.) the average technician will cost you $60,000 annually. And, this only includes wages and benefits. When calculating the cost to your business, you'll need to include the cost of software, hardware, training, office space, utilities, and other employee-related expenses.

By hiring Accurate Drafting Services on a contract basis, you will save money each year and never have to worry about layoffs.

Design Pricing:

Diversity of talent and experience is reflected in our Design drafting fees.
Typically from $30-$40 hourly or fixed-fee quotes.

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